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Tornos specialises in the manufacture of machines designed to produce parts requiring extreme precision and quality

Tornos primarily manufactures the following products :

  • CNC single-spindle sliding headstock turning machines for parts less than 36 mm in diameter

  • Multispindle machines with numerical or cam control for parts up to 32 mm in diameter

  • Machining centres for complex parts 1 dm3 in volume requiring high precision


This is the Tornos Group

The Tornos legacy: We keep you turning

Since our 1914 founding, Tornos has pioneered sliding headstock technology. True to our promise, “We keep you turning,” we manufacture CNC sliding headstock automatic turning machines, cam- or numerically controlled multi-spindle machines, and machining centers for complex workpieces requiring high-precision machining, all backed by our own software and services. Rooted in Switzerland, Tornos’ global footprint keeps us close to our customers. Manufacturers across a wide range of growing market segments—from automotive and medical and dental to micromechanics and electronics—turn to Tornos for unique workflow solutions.

With 700 employees worldwide, we are guided by our strategy, values and code of conduct.

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