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The definitive answer to any clamping need.

Tecnomagnete is synonymous with magnetism in the industrial field.

Our business is the design, production and sales of permanent electro-magnetic systems for industry. We are 250 in number, all united, ready to share our enthusiasm, our expertise, our experience in magnetism. The headquarters are in Italy, close to Milan. Covering an area of 16,000 m² and with 6 buildings, there are 200 of us, including 40 designers and technicians, 2 laboratories of R & D, 20 milling machines and machining centers.

We have branches in USA, Germany, France and China, active commercially and with post-sales support. A network of importers and service centers in all industrialized countries spreads the name of Tecnomagnete worldwide. Our mission is to introduce magnetism wherever there is steel, bringing added value to the customer.

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