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Air Turbine Tools® revolutionary constant high speed precision tools redefine performance standards for today's high speed Hand Tools, Motors, and Spindles. From CNC, robotic and other mounted applications, to hand finishing operations, the unique technology employed in the design and manufacture of these products delivers a cleaner cutting action, faster production rates, and eliminates problems associated with traditional tools. Toolchanger Accessories make Air Turbine Spindles® easy to integrate on any CNC Machine (DMG, Haas, Robodrill, Doosan, Okuma, Makino, Mazak, Fanuc, Hurco, Brother, etc). Mill at 1,500"/min (38100 mm/min) with No Duty Cycle.

High Speed Spindles

Faster Production - spindles operating at constant speeds from 25,000rpm to 90,000 rpm up to 1.60 hp (1.19 kW), maintaining constant high speed and torque under variable load. Mill at 1,500" / 3,800cm per minute with a finer finished surface and 2 micron sccuracy. 

Over 40 spindles - easily mounted, maintenance free, requiring no lubrication, provide a finer finish and faster feed rates. Only two moving parts: the patented turbine and ceramic bearings. No gears, vanes, or brushes to thermally expand and burn up. 

Low vibration, super quiet, oil-free, governed direct drive spindles for greater durability 24/7. Integrated CAT, BT, HSK, and DIN tool holders with new Auto Changer Option to integrate into your VMC.

Motor Mounts

Drop in the powerful compact sealed Steel Series for governed 65,000 rpm with power to 0.95 hp. Ready for Lathes, Swiss Automatic, Robotics and Fixtured Applications. h7 Tolerance + Mounting Diameters from 20mm to 40mm with hose exhaust. Perfect for marking, drilling, milling, finishing & more at constant high speed with super precision. 

Constant high speed and torque under load makes the Aluminum Series ideal for robotic finishing or milling metals, or cutting plastics, ceramics, composites or wood. The HD Series incorporates heavy-duty bearings within a rigid stainless steel housing which is easily fixture mounted.

Hand Tools

Revolutionary Air Turbine Tools® solve problems in hand operations. Reduce injury risk and repetitive stress on your hands and arm. From just 6 oz (0.17 kg) Air Turbine Tools® are also light weight. 

Limitations on working time in operations are eliminated. Sound level at less than 65 dBA protects your hearing. No oil mist sprays in your face with oil-free Air Turbine Tools®.

Power to 1.40 hp (1.04 kW) maintains the high speed of rotation for optimized cutting action. Just connect 90 psi / 6,2 bar air.

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